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BYOD – Facing the new reality

BYOD- Facing the new reality

Today, the BYOD phenomenon is pervasive. In all kinds of enterprises, IT managers are finding that wireless demands are beginning to exceed the capabilities of their current networks—legacy systems meant for casual use and low-volume traffic. With the rapid consuming of IT, they’re facing more and more mobile devices that have to be provisioned, managed and secured. They’re confronting high-bandwidth applications demanding more and more resources. They’re struggling with the need to scale up an old network to Wifi ICONaccommodate the rising tide of wireless traffic and to accommodate users in many locations, from headquarters buildings to home offices. They’re experiencing the emergence of the distributed mobile enterprise, and the stress of an infrastructure that’s unprepared.

Increasing needs for mobility over WiFi

IT organizations are now facing some daunting challenges. They often lack the internal resources and know-how to design, deploy and manage secure, high-performance WLANs that enable true enterprise-wide mobility. As a result, IT organizations are in an ongoing struggle to keep pace with advances in enterprise mobility and access infrastructure technology in an attempt to leverage any potential

benefits they can squeeze out of it. IDC estimates that 10% of WLANs are currently being provided as

Managed Mobility Services, and expects this market will grow annually at more than 20% annually.

TBL Telecom wireless expertiseekeahu

TBL Telecom offers best in class WiFi Solutions with leading edge products providing 4th generation technology covering today’s needs for voice, data, video and new trend application such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device…IPhone, IPad…etc.).  WiFi Network infrastructures are carefully designed to match the quality of wired connectivity while addressing the reality of density requirements. The mobilization of applications, bring-your-own-device (BYOD), public hotspot access and software-as-a-service are driving substantial opportunities for managed service providers (MSPs) to help organizations deploy end-to-end mobility solutions

Today, the simplicity of connecting to a WiFi network is common,  but what make it simple is the fact that proper design and study for coverage where done prior. TBL Telecom wireless specialist are trained and certified to make the experience of a new Wifi network, simple. Using specialized tools (EKAHAU) during a WiFi survey will determine proper coverage and a guaranteed wireless connection for the different applications.

Wifi Access point

TBL Telecom offers a wide range of access point to address multiple customer application with compliant
802.11a,b,g,n access point and  AC standard for increased bandwidth. Application can be cloud base or centralized with a physical or VMware base controller