Importance of structured cabling

Data & Voice networks infrastructure are the central nervous system of any organization. The demands on the communication infrastructure have becoming increasing complex, with speed of transmission a key issue for data. TBL Telecom has the experience and the capabilities to deliver secure, reliable and flexible network infrastructure to deliver mission critical communication solutions alongside the best of breed structured cabling solutions to Bulk cable_wmstrengthen your data & voice communication network. Various researches indicate that majority cases of a network being ‘down’ can be attributed to inferior cabling systems. Installing standards-compliant structured cabling systems can eliminate much of this downtime. The structured cable is the only one that needs to be installed to contend with the needs of telephone and data communications now and in the future. It is a system that provides a very ‘structured’ approach to the entire cabling system—a single-mixed media network that handles all information traffic like voice, data, video, and even big complex building management systems

TBL Telecom a safe choice for your cabling

TBL Telecom’s structured cabling unit, is one of the best in the industry with vast experience of mission critical project that involves copper or fiber. Big or small, TBL Telecom will deliver quality work and a solid wiring infra-structure for peace of mind.

Expertise and recognition in the market

TBL Telecom has been recognized in the industry for  the past 15 years for the quality of its work and personnel .cat6_jacks  Our specialist are trained and qualified with the latest technology for structured cabling addressing copper and fiber. All installation follows rigorously industry standard and practice.

Cable test and certification

TBL Telecom will test every drop of cable regardless of the type CAT 3, CAT 5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT7 or fiber optic using the the latest technology  in cable testing and will provide a detailed report for each drop installed.  The result,  a guaranteed infra-structure from TBL Telecom.

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