Aeroports de Montreal (Montreal Airport) Deploys RADWIN’s Wireless Mobility Solution to Boost Security & Operational Efficiency. RADWIN’s partner TBL Telecom, in partnership with Bell Canada, was in charge of project design and implementation.

RADWIN’s FiberinMotion mobile radio units were deployed on aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicles (ARFF) as well as operation and maintenance vehicles; FiberinMotion base stations were installed to provide full coverage inside and outside the aircraft operating area (AOA). The vehicles deliver video, data and telemetry information via the FiberinMotion mobile radio units to the control center, enabling Aeroports de Montreal (Montreal Airport, ADM) to boost security throughout its airport and streamline operations and maintenance procedures.

Bernard Simard, Chief Operations Officer, Aeroports de Montreal (Montreal Airport, ADM): “RADWIN’s FiberinMotion wireless mobility solution was chosen amongst other technologies as it better matched our triple-play communications needs. Our vehicles are now equipped with online broadband connectivity which further improves safety and operational efficiency at the airport.”

Marc Flynn, General Manager, TBL Telecom: “Aeroports de Montreal (Montreal Airport, ADM) chose RADWIN over Wi-Fi and WIMAX-based solutions. FiberinMotion outperformed other alternatives, delivering the greatest throughput with only a few base stations to cover the entire tarmac.  FiberinMotion operates in harsh conditions and is easy to deploy and maintain. As Aeroports de Montreal (Montreal Airport, ADM) expands the project scope, RADWIN’s FiberinMotion will continue to be its solution of choice.”



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