Flexibility, reliability and robustness !

Today , computers networks are the core of modern networks.   The base for that core is the LAN infrastructure, composed primarily of Core, Distribution and access switch.  Multiple applications like IP telephony, WiFi network, VMware servers, and video are totally dependent on the reliability of the network and its capacity to accept delay sensitive applications and applications requiring POE power.

Selecting the right LAN infrastructure for your need will secure and provide stability in your daily operation.

Simplicity and efficiency

TBL Telecom can simplify your internetworking process in selecting the right ICT infrastructure for your LAN to address your specific needs. Using industry leader manufacturer, such as Brocade and ADTRAN, TBL Telecom ICT solutions are designed to provide cost  effective and worry free solutions, so time can be dedicated entirely to your business operation. TBL Telecom’s philosophy of designing robust and reliable network that target an SLO of five (5) nine minimum availability thus representing 99.999% , will bring  you peace of mind and stability

Let a qualified professional design your network !

TBL Telecom Technical personnel are carefully selected and recruited to meet the company standards for excellence along with the ability to execute in a timely fashion,  high quality work.   TBL Telecom’s on-going training program with manufacturers is designed to provide certified personal for each project being delivered and offer peace of mind to its shutterstock_78307930customers.   TBL Telecom’s personnel are certified  with   ADTRAN, BROCADE

Our  ICT Solutions

A wide range of solutions are available for,

Core switching

Distribution switch

Access switch

Routers and SBC


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